• Posted: 08/06/2018

Al-Quds day or International al-Quds day oberved on last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan every year, which was initiated in Iran in 1979. The aim and objective of observing this day is to express unity and solidarity with the Palestinian oppressed people in their movement against Zionist regime.

In Arabic Al-Quds is the another name of Jerusalem city. Hazrat Ayatullah Khomeini the great architect of Islamic revolution initiated this day in 1979 and called upon the muslim world to observe this day with due importance. In order to pay support to the call of Imam Khomeini (R.) and to express unity and solidarity to the oppressed muslims of Palestine, Anjuman-e-Panjatani brought out a rally which after going round important streets of the city ends at Altapole Lane center.

At the cross point of South Central Road and Haji Mohsin Road agitators expressed their abhorrence to the tyrant Zionist regime by setting Israeli flag on fire.
At the end of the rally Hujjatul Islam Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi called upon all muslims to be united to combat Israeli oppression on innocent Palestinian people.