• Posted: 05/06/2018

The 29th death anniversary of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (R), the great architect of Islamic revolution was observed on 04/06/2018. On this occasion a discussion program was held at ‘Al-Kauthar’ seminar hall at 4 p.m. The program was co-organized by Islami Education Center and Ahlul Bait (a.s.) foundation Khulna. Hujjatul Islam Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi presided. Hujjatul Islam Md. Ali Murtaza, head of education department of Islami Education Center, Hujjatul Islam Md. Abdul Latif were present as speaker. Hujjatul Islam Md. Shahidul Haque, a teacher of Islami Education Center presents a key note paper. The program was started with the recitation from the holy Quran and dua-e-Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.).
Maulana Shahidul Haque presented an article on different aspects of the early life of Imam Khomeini (R), his religious education and political life in brief. Hujjatul Islam Md. Abdul Latif in his short speech said, Imam Khomeini (R) was the successful dresser of the sentence “La ilaha Illallah”. He had deep confidence and belief on this sentence. We see the successful implementation of this sentence in every step of his life.
Hujjatul Islam Md, Ali Murtaza in his long speech, he pointed out different aspects of eventful life of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (R) and said, Imam Khomeini (R) was an age conscious religious and political personality. How much influence and power he had over the society he has proved it through Islamic revolution.
Hujjatul Islam Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi giving his speech as president stated Hazrat Imam Khomeini (R) as a waliAllah and said, the concept of Vilayat-e-Fakih of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (R) is an extra ordinary event. Because in Islamic rule there is no alternative without the right of exercising absolute power by a Fakih or grand Marza-e-Taqlid and this is the reason that Imam Khomeini (R) was successful to establish Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979.
The program was conducted by Mr. Mohammad Iqbal, Secretary, Anjuman-e-Panjatani, Khulna.